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Received the online February Sale catalog for the Sons and Daughter horse sale. Advertised as big production sale, not an auction.

BLS claims to have a lameness and bred mare guarantee. There was a photo of a stallion with nice description that I made a telephone bid on from Wyoming. The BLS sales person in the auction ring told me the horse had long hair from the winter. I bid and the horse was delivered to Utah, lame on three legs, starving, lice ridden with patches of no hair.

Clearly very ill and the photo in the catalog must have been over five years old. I called and Bill Parker said the guarantee was only if I RETURNED the horse by noon the next day and he would "trot him up and down and decide if he's lame" Bill stated he would not recognise a veterinarian's test for lameness. The horse was transported without a health certificate and could not leave Utah! I also could not transport him home to Wyoming either.

I was forced to pay board and vet bills as well as feed, medications and supplements and Jann and Bill Parker refuse to cooperate, threatening me and blaming me. BLS does NOT honor their lameness guarantee and the horse was 200 #s underweight, permanently lame on three legs, and so lice infested that I had to treat him three times for lice before he was considered free of disease. BLS is a killer auction mentality and does NOT honor their published guarentee and refer you to the seller but refuse to give the seller's contact information.

Stuck between rock and hard space! BUYER BEWARE as BLS is a slaughter auction and behaves unprofessionally!

Monetary Loss: $650.

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New Mexico, United States #875986

I was looking forward to going to the bls in March to hopefully get a great trail/mountain horse. Now after reading your reviews I'm not sure. Where can a person go to get a good quality sound broke horse!?

to Grace Utah, United States #876336

I don't know who to trust. ALWAYS use your personal vet for a pre-purchase exam and have x-rays and blood work for drugs.

I prefer to use local trainers and clubs/groups when looking. I wish I had one for you but mine are young or green broke.

to richdeni New Mexico, United States #877637

Thank you for your reply.i will take your advice on the vet and exams you mentioned. I noticed you are from utah, any advice or knowledge on brian billings and the performance horse sale they put on in oakley utah?

Ive heard and researched on that sale and it seems to be reputable.

Not a sales barn type auction. Just a handful of cowboys that bring their best to the sale.

to grace Utah, United States #878989

I don't know them personally as I don't really buy horses, I bred a few the last couple of years, but it sounds like a better sale especially if it is closer to you than Billings. Get on their website and read every word of their contract.

Look for catch phrases that state THEY determine condition rather than a vet. Billings states that they determine soundness and they have final say over all complaints. If you don't have options or recourses, then it isn't a good sale. Some cowboys are have that used car salesman mentality and I wouldn't trust that.

Most cowboys are honest and can be trustworthy. Remember, if it is too good to be true - RUN AWAY! Remember, if they say their horse "needs an experienced rider" that is code for "freakin' nuts!" LOL Good luck - it won't hurt to go and watch/talk to the cowboys.

Talk to the other buyers too for how long they've been coming and if they are happy or if they experienced any problems. Good advertising doesn't equal honest people.

to Grace #895114

There are breeders and people like ourselves that are family oriented that do not want others to lose interest in horses, we love what we do, and I am working with several people right now, getting them used to the horse, most don't realize that a person must match the horse, It makes for a very good relationship, if you buy from an auction, you buy what you see, there is no one that will tell you all the little quirks that horse may have, or anything bad they may have gone through, horses do not forget, many can get over situations that have happened but they do not forget, only buy from breeders, NOT autions, if you are looking for something that has not been over ridden, or had injuries to there legs, here is a good thing to remember, if they are selling it at an auction, more than likely it is something that has issues, People do not get rid of there best horses, usually, and yes they drug them so that they can make it through a sale and the new owner gets it home, which is herendous, but happens all the time, very sad, don't lose hope, there are tons of breeders out there good ones that will help you and answer questions so you really know what you are buying sorry you have had a horrible experience, that is not fair at all.

to Grace Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1255542

I'm really not sure. Since my experience with Billings, I am a HUGE advocate of viewing the horse personally and staying local!

View for sale boards: electronic and at local horse facilities, tack shops, veterinarians, stables, etc. First make an appointment to see the horse and spend at least 30 minutes with the horse while the owner puts it through it's paces. Then, without notice (to avoid drugging) drop by to see the horse again. If you are still interested, go with the owner and the horse to the vet for a full exam and blood tests.

Yes, it costs money, but will save heartbreak. You are committing to years with a companion and a huge, long term expense. Spend time and money up front. If the seller pressures you - step back and walk away.

If at a local stable, you could lease for 30 days to give the horse a try. Believe in the personality of the horse and what it's behavior is telling you and go with your gut, not your heart. Good luck! I'm in Utah and have a 10 year old gelding but he is considered green broke, only rides 10 on trails, so not a finished horse.

He's on KSL, an Appaloosa gelding-but I'm not local to you, buying at a distance can work if you protect yourself. Good luck and ask everyone for advice!

Everyone loves to put in their 2 cents worth! ;)

Rock Springs, Wyoming, United States #730509

it it a shame that good people are getting ripped off who go to BLS sales looking for there perfect horse to buy & and end up having to put the horse down because of problems hidden with tranqs or bute or to accure hundreds to thousands dollars in vet bills because of the hidden health problems. And good people wanting to see there horse just to be low balled of a good price so benny can pick them up for slaughter, either way if your not part of network you lose either way

wish there was another horse auction place where no horse killers were allowed, & the horses coming in where tested for bute or other pain med or tranqs in there system feet, were checked for fill in putty hidding the moon shape of founder every one would be treated good, no buddy buddy or clickish groups this is how I would run a horse auction if I had one

to Lon Echo Lake, California, United States #1253815

I was booted reading some of the reviews here. I have no skin in the game, but I do know that Bill (deceased)and jan Parker are good honest people.

A few things. Guarantees are between buyer and seller! Bls is just an agent. If someone dopes a horse you can bring him back next day and if he's lame they will know it and be straight with you and fix it.

They sell thousands of horses each year for some of the best trainers and breeders in the business.I've bought bad horses there but it's always been my own fault for not doing homework.

I've also bought fantastic horses there. The Parker's have integrity and do a great job.

to Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1255551

Dear Anonymous, your thoughts are well-intentioned but WRONG! BLS offers the soundness guarantee and several other warranties to bring in buyers.

BLS, and Bill and Jan specifically, are who I dealt with and THEY were the ones that refused to honor the guarantee. Read the flyer and website! Both state that BLS offers guarantees and protections. From my personal experience with Bill and Jan Parker, they are NOT good nor honest, they have no integrity and do NOT care about horses or the buyers.

Bill lied, cheated, bullied, and threatened me. BLS shipped a horse without proper, legal documentation. Bill specifically told me that once the horse is off the property, the guarantee is VOID! There are good breeders and bad breeders who use auctions.

It is Bill and Jan that were dishonest and cheated me. BLS, Bill (deceased) and Jan Parker should be avoided by buyers.


Sounds like you people have also been through the BLS soundness guarantee. You guys are dead on.


This is very true....I asked Bill Parker, at billings horse sale, if I ex-rayed a horse ASAP after purchase and it didn't pass will the lameness guarantee be good? He said absolutely not....

It's not hard these day to hide severe lameness with steroids, and done all the time!

They only way to tell damage in those cases is a ex ray. That's not a lameness guarantee, that's a open invitation to sell your horse using any means possible....

to Dupree #709853

It is true , the Parkers will blame you, there horse dealers would never sell you a *** lame horse that is drugged up on bute or some other med, all they think about is getting their money, they dont care if the person that owns the horse makes a dime from selling it,inless it is one of there croonies, they have been fined for illegal bidding, they get all the money they can for there buddies or click,and then low ball others so that Benny the horse killer from Canada or other killers can pick up a perfect good horse for slaughter. this outfit should be investigated

to lon #729468

Thanks for your comments. They should be investigated, I tried to get the Livestock Commission and Brand Inspector to investigate because the Parkers sent that stallion out without a health certificate and so ill he could barely stand but both refused to cooperate.

Billngs brings in too much business.

I've had friends that had the same complaints regarding selling their horses there. Really low prices while favored sellers took top prices.

to richdeni #761124

The brand inspector and livestock commission wont do jack#$@@ probably get a cut of the profit so they wont do a thing. if the word gets around maybe people will stop taking there horses there to sell, I seen horses ridden through the ring & sell for $125.00 after you pay all there fees, I bet that person only got $45.00 for there horse, it is one big click and if you do not fit in tour blackball by being lowballed with giving your horse away so it can go to slaughter people should check the cruelty that is put on those poor horses , many are skinned alive because they failed to kill them, Canada slaughter house is under investigated for cruelty to the horses, they suffer before they die

to richdeni #895117

been there a few times to do my own evaluation, and yes, it is totally political, very sad that money is the only matter, big time, if you do not fit into there group, horse owner or buyer, just forget it, you will not get what you think you are getting, someone should start a new horse sale yard where a vet is there to draw blood on all horses coming in, slaughter horses also, and if they are drugged up, or do not have injuries like rotated coffin bones, or need to be pin fired because of bowed tendons, or more then they should be turned away and told to take the horse home, It is not right that money is the only thing that matters, some people could get killed, and i personally as a breeder would not want that on my conscience .. I have met soooo many people that want a good horse, just to ride around on there place or herd cows and they do not know enough to know what they are looking at, someone honest needs to help these people, I mean come on people, if all these horse traders and dishonest people continue on this path, there will be no one left to go on a nice ride with, once that bad taste is there, it doesn't just go away, I try very hard to place the right horse with the right person and make sure they are happy with what they buy, I just wish more would do this, all of you looking for that great horse, please stop looking at these auctions, more than likely you are buying someones problem, or they wouldn't be selling it, just trying to help, this is just not right and not fair to the innocent that just want a good horse, If I had the means I would start an auction and actually, show vet checks, on top of blood work and all, so I knew the horse wasn't going to kill its new owner that just bought it, how do these people sleep really .

to Dupree Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #1167736

Do your homework and do a pre-purchase prior to bidding.

That requires going to the sale and doing a little footwork. Not sitting on the couch in your cozy house phone bidding.

There's a guarantee people!

to Ok #1168059

Really? You are wrong.

Blaming the victim is chicken s**t, as well. BLS offers online bidding and makes representations to encourage it. If you'd look at the catalog photo and the photo of what was delivered, you'd see that BLS and employees misrepresented the horse and illegally shipped him without papers. BLS is fraudulent and should be fined and regulated.

BLS stated production sales not an auction. LIES.

Poor Dupree was a victim and should be entitled to damages. To bad we can't all get together and hit BLS with a class action law suit.

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